So.. ~by Jelle Lemmens of Crownboards~

Only a few days left and I’m sitting here, like all those other people out there, stoked/stressed/excited as a little kid for Christmas for the biggest event of the year.

Looking forward to the biggest and baddest event of the year, SYCDL17.

So little time, so much to do. Do I have everything? Do the riders have all they need? I’m probably going to forget something but hey.. Let’s write some words about SYCLD  and go skate!

SYCLD year 5, YEAR 5?! I remember the first edition like it was yesterday, I’ve just started building some boards for fun, nothing to serious, and Bianca organized a small event. A fun longboard dance day with some random people from Europe who came by and had fun. “Hey Jelle, want to be a judge?” she asked. Sure why the hell not. I don’t know much about tricks and such but it will be fun, I guess?

I remember it was Maarten, Tim and me. Maarten was going to judge the tricks because as we all know he is a crazy trickmonster. I clearly remember him saying: “Tim you will look for smoothness and flow in the lines. Jelle you look for style, your car looks stylish so you must know good style when you see it.” This was Maarten’s theory of a judging trio.

For a lot of people longboard dancing was something completely new, the fast smooth lines and hand tricks from Lotfi, the crazy weird apex tricks from Andrei and many more. Minds were blown that weekend and Bianca was fast to say “WE DO THIS AGAIN NEXT YEAR!” Looking back on pictures from 2013 with a empty Klokgebouw and maybe 40 skaters and a granny visiting it feels extra good to be a part of this 5 years in a row.

First of all for myself as a person and owner of Crownboards, but mostly for the community and the longboard dance world itself. Getting to know all the people behind this scene and the new and awesome friendships that were formed is just heartwarming. To see SYCLD grow from this tiny afternoon of skating to the full on mind blowing weekend it is now leaves me speechless. Year after year it grows and more and more people come and skate. Crazy Korean, Brazilian, Australian,… guys and girls travel for days and days to be a part of it.

The stoke you feel when you see Instagram posts from all these wonderful people starting their SYCLD experience days before the actual event is amazing.

We are not just some random people on a piece of wood rolling around. SYCLD proves we are more than that. We are one family, we have the same passion, the same love, the same stoke.

I can’t wait to be mind blown again by the new and upcoming talent (and the old guys for sure ;-D) showing of their months of practice for that one 2minute run.

So.. See you there!