Hey! I’m Jade Reinders, a sporty entrepreneur who love’s to travel. ‘PhysioVan’ is my mobile physiotherapy practice, with extra attention to human fitness. PhysioVan is for athletes and (international) events. That’s why you can find me with the PhysioVan on So .. You Can Longboard Dance? 2019 Are you looking for an experienced physiotherapist who likes to give sports massages? I treat physical complaints and/ or stress complaints by using physiotherapy (including taping), sports massage and sports specific training. Through various treatment techniques I ensure: faster recovery, more relaxation, balance and energy. Do you need this yourself? Do you also want this before or after the game? Come on time to the PhysioVan and reserve your spot!

Do you want more information ór you have any questions?? You can have a look on my website, but it’s still in dutch.. So contact me: info (at) / +31 6 45 79 26 45.