There are different dance competitions





– DANCE GROMS (boys and girls age 1-15 )

What will judges be looking for in the dance competitions?

The judges are looking for the full package. A run that includes dancing that is accompanied by a variety of technical tricks. A showcase of your own style and originality, flow (speed, consistency, combos) and creativity (innovation). The overall difficulty level of your lines and your commitment will also be taken in consideration. And most important, they want to see you have fun and enjoy yourself! The scoring within the judging is based on 3 pillars, if you would like to see an example of winning entries of the online competitions in 2020, check here.

3 pillar judging system

We have a 3 pillar/point judging system. Each point has a different weight on the final score.

1. Dance: Technique, difficulty & diversity of steps x 1.1
2. Freestyle: Difficulty & variety of tricks x 1
3. Flow, Commitment, Speed, Consistency, Combo’s  &  Originality, Innovation, Creativity, Style x 0,9

The judges score per point at a 1-10 scale
10 Outstanding
9 Very good
8 Good
7 More than satisfactory
6 Satisfactory
5 Almost satisfactory
4 Unsatisfactory
3 Very unsatisfactory
2 Poor
1 Very Poor
0 Not executed

Difference between sponsored and non-sponsored
The difference is riders who are sponsored usually have a pro level and the non sponsored riders not (yet). To keep it interesting and fun for non professional riders to attend (and be scouted by brands) we have these two categories.
The Grom competition will select the best riders who are under 15 at the time of the event. Groms need to be accompanied by an adult who is present during the run(s)


Duration of runs during the live event
Non sponsored:
Pre selection + semi final: 1 min.
Final 1,5 min.
Pre selection + semi final: 1 min.
Final 1,5 min.
Competition area during the live event
The competition area is 45 m. x 12.5 m.
The judges are seated in the middle of the long side.
There are NO obstacles in the competition area.
It has a smooth polished surface, more slippery than rough.


All these competitions are ‘open’, so for men and women (and also accessible for groms)

Best Trick

Whereas the dance contest will be all about the style and flow, this contest is for freestyling. Bring your best tricks to the floor and go for it! The tricks are judged on creativity, difficulty, technicality and style. One person at the same time. 1 try per person. If failed they get a second chance.


As G-Turn we count a manual on your nose or tail describing at least a “G” or a “C”, anything less doesn’t count.The G-Turn can be introduced, ended or interrupted by a trick.More than 2 wheels on the ground end the combo and therefore the try.Extra points will be rewarded for creativity, difficulty and style. One attempt for G turn, if you don’t succeed you get a second try.

Hippy Jump

The competition starts at the height of 90 cm. 2 tries per person and constantly higher.


More information about the crew competition will be given when we are sure we can fit it in time wise.

Film and photo

The film and photo competition is a contest which will be held mainly after the event. If you register for this you’ll have to do your best the registrate the event on either film or photographs. The best cinematographic impression of the event will win.

More information you can find on the page below.


The podium places of Dance Women Sponsored and Dance Men Sponsored will receive an equal amount of prize money. The height of the prize money is announced 2-4 weeks before the event. The podium winners other competitions will receive gear prizes.