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Within So.. You Can Longboard Dance? The base is that ‘all together we make it happen’. For many years we have the support of big as well as smaller brands and each is equally important to us.

We are all together responsible for creating an environment where good riders can excel and new riders get inspired! Everyone supports according to their possibilities.


Facts and figures:

– SO.. is the World Championship Longboard within freestyle / dance.

– It yearly takes place at the Saturday and Sunday of the Easter weekend.

– We expect each day around 1200 spectators during the Live event. Longboarders know the event so our focus in exposure is on visitors who don’t know longboarding to get inspired. Building a new generation.

– There are around 250 participants in the online competition and around 150 riders get pore selected to compete live, coming from all over the World; Australia to Korea, from the US to Spain.

– The event in the 5000 m2 Klokgebouw (former Philips Factory in Eindhoven the Netherlands) has a big competition area and two free skate area’s, one with obstacles.

– On Saturday night there is a small party at a location nearby.

– Winners of the sponsored Dance competition will win cash prizes. The winners of this competition will be World Champion for a year.