About us

‘So.. You Can Longboard Dance?’ is the World Championships Longboard dance & freestyle. This events is annually organised in The Netherlands by Flow Provider.

The free and for everyone accessible event, focuses on a combination between contests and free skating in the discipline of longboard dancing. The contests consist of an open sponsored and non-sponsored dance contest, a hippy jump, best G-turn, best trick and women (non sponsored and sponsored) competition, which attract riders from all over the world.

The event is founded in 2012, the goal is to organise an ‘In search of the best <insert continent> rider’ all over the world and have the winners compete for the world title in Eindhoven the Netherlands. The first ‘In search of..’ is organised in China.

There is one area where the competition is held, the other area is for those who like to skate themselves. But also for non- longboarders the event is great to visit. A very nice atmosphere, nice music, people from all ages and amazing skills to watch!

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