Longboard Girls Crew

Longboard Girls Crew started in Madrid in 2010. At that time, the main idea was to get more girls into the sport.
LGC works relentlessly to support and promote women in the Action Sports scene and therefor not only reinforce our role in the Industry but in society in general.
Women have been underexposed since the early years of mostly every action sport and now the image the industry portrays of women is undoubtedly not the most accurate. There are many reasons and examples but we’ll only mention a few:
– The obsession of the Industry on sexualizing women who are into Action Sports
– Products and marketing still addressed to men or using the same product turning it pink and putting a flower on it
– The image portrayed to the world of women in action sports, using models for their ads instead of athletes and when they use athletes it’s the models look-alike with very few clothes on
– The message they send that’s still more important the looks than the sweat or passion for the sport… they are still selling lifestyle or body-image instead of selling, supporting and promoting WOMEN WHO SHRED.
This is linked to a deeper root in our society, where small girls wear pink dresses, are fragile and shouldn’t get dirty while the boys can’t be weak, feel or express emotions. I believe that by breaking certain stereotypes we’re helping build a stronger, healthier society for all humankind.
In LGC we believe in doing things differently, focusing more on the heart and helping others and we know we’re not alone. We know there are many, many people who believe in this as much as we do and are working towards change.
These apply to every sport and we work and promote supporting all the female movements out there doing the same thing, so let’s keep doing this together!
Much love and keep shredding!

check: http://longboardgirlscrew.com/