Switch Longboards

“Genesis of SWITCH

Switch Boards & Longboards company was born in the heart of the Polish freestyle scene. The Founders, brothers Jakub and Artur Pacut are themselves skateboarders, snowboarders, and skiers with many years of competition experience and passion for manufacturing. From the combination of their interests in june 2012 SWITCH was born and they started producing sports equipment.


Our Goals


Sustainable development with care for the environment.

Precise, innovative, light, durable and thoughtfully designed boards.

As experienced riders we know the pain of needing to spend a cart of money to get a decent board with no guarantee that it will last long enough – that’s one of the reasons we started making boards ourselves. Our boards will last and perform much longer :D. SWITCH facility lab in southern Poland is constantly modernising and developing innovative production processes. Switch is working on establishing an energy-independent manufacture with co2 emissions close to zero.


With SWITCH you get:

– Fully waterproof deck

– 360° Polyurethane sidewalls impact protection

– Light, durable, and functional decks

– Precision machined shape and truck mounts

– Graphics hidden under the anti scratch coating

– 3D pattern on the bottom of the board

– A hell of a lot of fun!”


Website http://www.switch-boards.com/