Aboubakry SECK: Judge

SECK Aboubakry born in 1993 in DAKAR / SENEGAL

Sponsored by Majutsu Longboard, Remember Collective and ParisTruck

Longboarding since 2014



“I discovered longboard thanks to my best friend of the time in 2014. He had a mini cruiser and I was too much fun with him when he was riding what pushed me to have one too. When we spent nights together, he showed me many longboard videos and we both loved it. So we decided to buy together our first longboards.

It started like this. Subsequently, I discovered the Parisian docksession initiated by Lotfi which showed me a facet of longboard which is the longboard dancing.

I took a liking to it and since then it’s been my favorite pastime, my anti-stress. It also allowed me to make many friends and beyond everything, to feel integrated in a country that is not my country of origin.

I already participated in two SYCLD in 2016 and 2017 as a competitor in the sponsored riders.

This year I will be a judge for the non sponsored riders and also will compete again in the sponsored riders.”


What does SYCLD mean to you ?

“At my first SYCLD, I went to Eindhoven just for the win but everything changed when I reached the event. I’ve never seen so many kind people, awesome and inspiring riders gathered together . I didn’t win SYCLD but I won a lot of friendships.

Since then, I look forward to renewing the experience each year to see those friends who I only see once a year and of course to measure myself to all these great talents.”


What did impress you the most at SYCLD ? which moment?

“The amount of people who came from really really far for the event and the different style of longboarding.”


What is the most funny SYCLD story you have?

“Hahahah That was with Achel Machin in 2017. I think it was his funniest moment too since he is participating at the SYCLD. Feel free to go check his story.”


What would you like to see in the dance competition in 2018?

“I would like to see people really DANCING on a longboard with style and flow as Giulia or Do Young or Brenno or Milan do. I want to see riders let express their body, be one with their board and make longboard dancing looking great more and more.”


How do you see SYCLD in 3 or 5 years? If you could decide the future.

“The level and the numbers of riders become soo high that we have to make pre-selections in each continent or country.

I see also SYCLD as the final part of a world championship.”