Achel Machin: Judge

Achel Machin | 1992 | Sponsored by Majutsu Longboard, Paris Trucks and Blood Orange Wheels. Longboarding since 2014

SYCLD history:
After three years competing, he was judging in China and is also a judge in Eindhoven since 2018. He also has a LOT of talent as a film maker (check the Majutsu SYCLD video ‘la créme de la créme’)
” Skated when I was a kid and ten years later I discovered longboard Dancing/Freestyle at DockSession Paris. I fell in love with it immediately and have been riding as much as possible ever since ! 
SYCLD is the first contest I ever went to, and also the best. The whole worldwide community gathering for a weekend creates a magical atmosphere. It’s also a great illustration of how much the sport is evolving and growing increasingly year after year.
I was blown away by seeing incredible new riders riding from the shadows of the scene and revolutionizing the discipline. Best memories will be the feeling of having all your homies come cheer you after a run.
In 2017, on the day of the sponsored runs, Abou and I went to get some pizza for breakfast so we’d eat something consistent before the contest. We were riding back to the venue and eating the warm pizza, when my wheel was blocked by a stone. I hugged the pavement and my pizza fell cheese-side in the mud. Even though I fell on my already twisted thumb and my pizza was trashed, we laughed quite a lot about it. Especially that Abou kindly shared his pizza with me.”
What would Achel like to see in competitions:
” I would really love to see people dancing on their boards with their whole body, like Brenno, Milan or Giulia already do. 
I also can’t wait to get mind blown by crazy banger tricks and combos. I think that this year more non-European riders will come and I know they hold a lot of surprises.”
“But most importantly, I’m super excited about seeing this giant family once again and spend a good time together ! ” 
And SYCLD in 3-5 years?
“I see SYCLD in 5 years with the five Olympic Rings next to the logo. But more seriously, I’d love for SYCLD to be, at some point, in a different city every year. Going to Shanghai was absolutely amazing and it would never have happened to me without SYCLD.”