Bianca Kersten: Boss (they say)

Bianca Kersten | born a long long time ago | Dutch but living in Spain

Longboarding since  2011

Her story

“Founded SYCLD in 2012 when the Eindhoven crew, which I was a part of, wanted to go skating indoor because of the bad weather. The owner of the venue, who I know, agreed to let us skate there and the whole world came. Whoops! Luckily my background in event organisation came to use and with the great support of some awesome people it became what it is now!  

I started longboarding because I have a horse who then was too young to be ridden and I liked to take her to a lake. That took too long on foot so I attached a belt around her belly and held on to her while she was running and I was longboarding next to her (don’t try this at home!). I remember the first time going longboarding without my horse, that was so weird! I continued because I liked the feeling and now I mostly do it when I teach or can’t go into the ocean. After discovering my lack of talent I’m currently more into riding boards in the ocean, much softer face plants! 

SYCLD for me is a blessing! It makes me believe in the sweetness of nice people in the world. I still can not believe that people travel around the globe to attend.. to me it’s still like it started, just skating together. Jelle said it best; like a family reunion. Doing the event in China made me see how special the event in Eindhoven really is and how grateful I am because it’s only positive! And how unique that is within organising such a big event. For me organising SYCLD is only possible when everyone involved enjoys every single moment, and I guess we all do. So.. when that is the case, it will always be a succes!

My most funny moment concerning SYCLD is the doctors face while he said ‘normally people don’t go on a plane when they came out of intensive care’ .. in 2017 I had an accident just before the event and I really really didn’t want to miss it! And I must say this was for me the best edition. Because then I knew, no matter what, we have a kick ass team that can handle it all. That takes a lot of weight of my shoulders! And of course the look on Jelle’s face when I freak out and he says it’s all taken care of, that happens a lot! hahaha..”

What would Bianca like to see in the competitions?

“The biggest disagreement I have with some others is that I think more women should compete in the ‘Sponsored Dance’. I think women could do what men can do within longboard dancing and even with more grace.” 

The future of SYCLD

“For me the ideal future of SYCLD is that we have an event on every continent or in every region. That riders who don’t have the means to travel to Holland can compete nearby and win a flight to Eindhoven to have the chance to become the World Champion. That we discover very hidden talents this way. And I would like every rider to be aware of the future, which is not us but the ones coming after. Everyone should teach and get kids on a board and be inspirational to them. Show them how awesome your life is when you can live and share your passion!”