Christopher Weggler: Judge

Christopher Weggler | Judge | 1990 | Munich Bavaria

Sponsored by Crownboards, Undonewatches

Longboarding since the end of 2014

“Years ago I was totally over stressed and I was looking for a sport to calm down after work. I saw an advertisment with some downhill skaters. Only the imagination to shred hills was amazing so I decided to buy a longboard. A few weeks later I saw a video by Simon Arsenedis and have been totally stoked. That‘s the story how it all began and now longboarding is my passion”

“My first SYCLD was in 2015 as a visitor. 2016 and 2017 I was competing myself.
This year I will be a judge for the Non Sponsored Riders and I will compete in the competition Sponsored Riders.”

What does SYCLD mean to you?
“Friendship/Appreciation/Humility/Positive energy ”

What did impress you the most at SYCLD? Which moment?
“The most impressive moment is how many people have the same passion and travel a long way to be at SYCLD every year.”

What is the most funny SYCLD story you have?
“I rented an Airbnb with a friend. The landlord was an older lady (65). In the morning she made us breakfast and asked: “Guys, are you calm for the contest?“ while smoking some weed. I laughed really hard.”

What would you like to see in the dance competitions in 2018?
“I would love to see nice flow dance lines.”

How do you see SYCLD in 3 or 5 years? If you could decide the future.
“I would love to have more SYCLD daughters like China. Maybe in America or Russia…”

What else would you like to add?
A wise man said once:
“Its all about the Flow.
Flow is the spirit.
The heartbeat.
The rhythm that allows you to forget everything around you turns off your brain.
Puts you in the moment and then you just flow like water.“