DoYoung Gwon: Advisor judging team

DoYoung Gwon/ 1987 / South Korea

Sponsored by Bastl boards, Blacktop Trucks and Manaliso clothing.

Longboarding since 2012


“I got the 3rd place for Sponsored freestyle/dancing in SYCLD 2015. I got the 2nd place for Sponsored freestyle/dancing in SYCLD 2016. I finished SYCLD 2017 in Final run. Since SYCLD 2017 China, I got into the judge team.

Why did you go longboarding and why did you continue?
“I was so stressed and got sick and tired of my daily life. Then I was looking for something that makes me happy and energetic. on the same time, I saw a profile pic of my friend. That was penny board. I immediately thought ‘It could be fun!’ and then I tried a skateboard, mini cruiser board, and a longboard. I fell in love with a longboard. It was too fun to stop till now.

What does SYCLD mean to you?
“SYCLD ? so you can longboard dance ? It is huge party ever for long boarders to get gathered and to show their love and passion. No other place like SYCLD all around the world. One and only ! I feel like SYCLD as good friends. I’ve met many foreign friends in SYCLD. Without SYCLD, I couldn’t have this kind of good family in longboard scene.” 

What did impress you the most at SYCLD? Which moment(s)?
“In SYCLD 2016, I had a run with Jongbin, my good friend. We talked with each other ‘Let’s show people how we enjoy long boarding in the run and make a epic’ I don’t know how to express the feeling. It was super. Not only I and Jongbin but also Mor and Marshall, Achel and Abou. this kind of atmosphere is so impressful !!” 

What is the most funny SYCLD story you have?
“My spain friends gave me a spain name ‘Fernandes’ in my run, they kept shouting my name Doyoung Fernandes. that was super fun. SYCLD made me united with other nations. I am not just korean. We are all cosmopolitan long boarders.”

What would you like to see in the dance competitions?
“SYCLD is a fantastic party. on the other hand, it is also a competition. So, if you want to win, You need to show freestyle dancing and freestyle tricks. Freestyle tricks are consist of manuals, stationary tricks, flip tricks and rolling tricks. Good for you to have each parts at least one trick. Also, Good for you to combine dancing steps and tricks in line. In personal, I want to see your happiness in the run. Actually That’s it.” 

How do you see SYCLD in 3 or 5 years? If you could decide the future?
“However the scene will get bigger or smaller, I hope it stays itself like longboarder’s home welcoming whole people all around the world.”

What else would you like to add?

“It’s all about the big smile. Can’t wait to see you all ?