Guleed Yussuf: Host and advisor judging team

Guleed Yussuf / 1988 / Somaliland/ Netherlands/ Germany

Guleed our host with the most, skating for `simple longboards, Travelol, AWHOU, Goldcoast.

This happy ball of energy is the one who keeps us hyped through the day, making sure the good vibes are always flowing trough the competition. Guleed is also a longboard teacher in Amsterdam with Live Long Boarders, coaching our future competitors! Loves nature, hugs and good vibes!



“I started out as a rider, and after i suffered an injury to my knee I rolled into the host/presenter roll which I have been enjoying over the last 4 years, and being an information point for sponsors and riders.

I got into longboarding trough my skateboarding background, got involved in the early stages of the emerge of longboarding and the comradery, friendship and community sense is what kept me there.”


What does SYCLD mean to you?

“A gathering of the international longboarding dance/freestyle community in eindhoven, sharing laughs, sweat and tears together!”


What did impress you the most at SYCLD? Which moment(s)?

“The crew battles has been one of my favorite things, longboarding means meeting and sharing tricks, stories for me and you really get to see that in the crew battles.”


What is the most funny SYCLD story you have?

“The SYCLD China edition, there was this young girl of eight that blew our socks of with her talent, love to see new young talent, they are the future.”


What would you like to see in the dance competitions in 2018?

“Would love to see more well thought runs, make sure to entertain yourself and the audience!”


How do you see SYCLD in 3 or 5 years? If you could decide the future?

“Hopefully we will get to do many more editions abroad towards warmer climate countries so we can have a huge outdoor event!”


What else would you like to add?

“I want to take the time to thank the audience/spectators who get overlooked, its their energy that the riders feed on. So make sure to bring your friends, family, neighbours so we can push the riders to their best!”