Maarten Frouws: Judge

Maarten is the father of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, the older sister of SYCLD.


Since when are you involved?

“Since before the first event I got involved, because I organized an event that had a similar setup. Bianca asked us if it would be allright if she copied some elements. I totally digg what she turned it into!” (we would like to add: Maarten has been such a support to SYCLD from the start! He shared his knowledge and took care of a big part if the competitions)

“This year I will be a judge again. As every year again the level of longboarding increases and I look forward to see this years banger lines and tricks.”


Why did you go longboarding and why did you continue?

“I started longboarding in 2006. I did so due to a injury that prevented me from riding my skateboard, something I did since the mid nineties. When the injury didn’t prevent me from skateboarding anymore I still continued longboarding. Nowadays I ride for Timber Boards and can enjoy it together with my wife and daughter, for they too skate a lot.”