Sjors Thomassen: DJ

Sjors Thomassen | 1991 | Netherlands


“DJ at the first edition of SYCLD and continued providing the music ever since.
I first learned to board around 10 years ago with Erik’s longboard. He brought his longboard to school and let me practice with it. Eventually I bought my own board and joined the crew called “Eindhoven Roll City” (Yeah THE Eindhoven Roll City from where SYCLD is born). At the first edition of SYCLD they asked Erik to play music and I’ve helped. After that, I came back to SYCLD every year and I am still amazed how big it has become and how great the longboard community is.
Outside of SYCLD I am DJ at Beers & Barrels Breda and programming games. Check out for my mixtapes.

Oh, and I really love how everyone keeps asking about the playlist after the event!”