Werner Wildberger (aka Duude Junior): Judge

Werner Wildberger (aka Duude Junior) / 1982 /Austria

Sponsored by Wasted Hours Clothing, running Simple Longboards and been skating for 25 (!) years


“I’ve attended SYCLD twice as a rider, in my 3rd year, i broke my wrist and got my cast removed a week before SYCLD. i wasn’t really able to compete but went to Eindhoven anyway. Simon or Wolf asked me if i want to judge since Maarten couldn’t make it that year. Been judging and having fun every year since.

After street skating for more than a decade my doc put a sudden end to it. not being able to give up, I switched my popsicle board for a longboard, to still be able to cruise around and get a little bit of the old feeling back. Since I thought just cruising is rather boring I started to do some steps and easy tricks and was instantly hooked to that feeling i witnessed 20years before.

To me SYCLD is a family reunion, seeing all my friends i can’t visit during the year since we all live in different parts of the world.”


What did impress you the most at SYCLD? Which moment(s)?

“Definately the stoke at Klokgebouw”


What is the most funny SYCLD story you have?

“I have a couple put those are not worth sharing publicly.”


What would you like to see in the dance competitions in 2018?

“Throw down some flowy lines with lots of carves and add some creative steps, combined with awesome g-turns, wrapped in the right amount of rhythm. Those are the ingredients for a tasty run. Inspired by the Adams, I love the old school longboarding era, with slow cross-step variations, lots of carves and a style trying to be as close to longboard-surfing as possible.”


How do you see SYCLD in 3 or 5 years? If you could decide the future?

“It’s gonna be huge, an amazing tour around the planet to visit the riders in various countries and skate with them.”


What else would you like to add?

“This is it. This is life, the one you get so go and have a ball, because the world don’t move, to the beat of just one drum. What might be right for you, may not be right for some. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have my closing statement.”